ABMECH has the ability to provide pricing estimates in lump sum, time & material or cost plus. We have developed our own estimating software programs which allow us to quickly provide man hours, as well as real time cost information to our customers on time & material orders on a daily basis, if required. We are a mobile contractor which gives us access to “local labor” regardless of what area our project is located in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, New York and West Virginia. We have a strong labor base in the Pittsburgh, PA area and in most cases can respond to your needs in 90 minutes or less.

Since 2010 we have been an active participant in the PENNSAFE State-Certified Workplace Safety Initiative.  Our commitment to safety is further illustrated by our Certified Safety Committee Mission Statement:

“To provide a workplace culture that is conducive to achieving maximum productivity in dangerous working environments by addressing potential safety deficiencies first and foremost before entering the environment.”

ABMECH’s commitment to safety is illustrated by our EMR (Experience Modification Rate) of 0.732, a figure almost unheard of in the industry.

High Quality Construction

ABMECH provides in house high quality construction, Health & Safety training including OSHA 10 & 30 Hr., CPR/First Aid and specific hazards. Our craft workers arrive at the jobsite certified drug-free and ready to tackle your project.


  • Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, Mold Remediation, PCB’s, Mercury Brownfields Cleanup
  • Industrial and Commercial Thermal Insulation, Heat & Cold
  • Marcellus Shale Gas Production, Piping, Boilers, Vessels
  • Licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York
  • Steel, Power, Chemical Plants, Commercial, Health Care, Institutional
  • Demolition, Surface Preparation
  • Shotblast / Scarify

For information about lead, please click the following links:  https://www.epa.gov/lead      http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/lead/tips.htm


Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals. It is mined and milled from rock and is thin and strong. Chrysotile (white asbestos), Amosite (brown asbestos), and Crocidolite (blue asbestos), are the most common types of asbestos used in manufacturing.

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ABMECH, Inc. awarded Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence (GASE)